Fiji Elections - Fiji's 2014 Election HQ
Welcome to Fiji's 2014 Election HQ
Without freedom of the media in elections, democracy is not possible. 

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The four fundamental dimensions to media freedom relevant to the 2014 Fijian Elections are:

  • Freedom from censorship.
  • Freedom from arbitrary attack or interference.
  • Free access to necessary information.
  • A pluralism of voices in the media.
For a country emerging from authoritarian rule like Fiji, where there is tight state control over the media, ensuring pluralism within the publicly funded media is important because it is only the government-controlled national broadcaster that has the capacity to reach all sections of the electorate.

Monitoring the Fijian electoral process is an important integrity safeguard. It is one of the checks-and-balances that protect the viability and honesty of election administration, as well as the participation of political parties, candidates and interest groups.

Fiji Elections as the Fijian 'voters voice' will monitor and keep you informed of developments that demonstrate adherence to the Accra guiding principles for the 2014 Fijian general elections.  

The eleven Accra principles are:

  • Integrity; 
  • Participation; 
  • Lawfulness; 
  • Impartiality and Fairness; 
  • Professionalism; 
  • Independence; 
  • Transparency;  
  • Timeliness; 
  •  Non-Violence;  
  • Regularity;  and 
  • Acceptance.  
Freedom must be welcomed in the Fiji islands and Fiji Elections is here to help build a truly enduring democracy.

One Person, One Vote, One Value, One Fiji.